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Flow theory of screw plastic granulator

Flow theory of screw plastic granulator

2019-06-13 10:00
  Although the explanation of the aforementioned flow theory has been greatly simplified, the complete theory of a screw plastic granulator suitable for all thermoplastics seems to have not been established. Thus, a theory is not only related to the size of the plastic granulator, the pitch of the screw, and other characteristics of the plastic granulator, but also the mechanical properties of the material and how these properties change when changing processing conditions.
  However, the extrusion process can be idealized and a simple model can be used to obtain a better approximation that reflects the performance of the screw plastic granulator. The commonly employed model is modeled as a screw-steep pump operating in a viscous fluid in steady state motion.
  The most important characteristic of a plastic melt is its viscosity coefficient when calculating a steady-state moving viscous fluid. Viscosity is a form of fluid friction. It is assumed that the fluid is laminar, that is, the molecules move in parallel planes, and that the velocity of any molecule is proportional to its distance from a fixed plane, that is, V = ky, as shown in Figure 3.4.
  Thus the deformation of any volume unit of the fluid is shear strain. It is generally assumed that the shear stress that produces shear is proportional to the shear rate, and as discussed earlier in this chapter, the fluid that adheres to this relationship is a Newtonian fluid. However, this is an empirical assumption, and if some other laws can be used to replace it, then an in-depth analysis of fluid motion is valuable and beneficial. If the fluid is non-uniform, that is, if the temperature at any point in the fluid is related to the position of the point, then the value of the viscosity coefficient 0 should also be related to the position of the point, ie, related to coordinates X, y, and z. 
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